Best AI Tools for Students

For better or for worse, we are living in the years in which Artificial Intelligence is practically part of our daily lives.  For this reason, today we will show you the 6 best AI tools for students that will allow you to improve your study almost automatically. 

Did you need some extra help to optimize your grades? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Many consider Artificial Intelligence a double-edged sword. If you want to make the most of it to improve your study performance, there are several different alternatives you can turn to without spending a single euro. 

Just use them smartly and when necessary, remember that these tools do not work magic and that preparing well before an evaluation will always be the most effective way to pass.

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Students

Well, take advantage of this compilation of the 6 best AI tools for students and surely one of them will have the necessary ingredients to achieve the goal.

YOU.COM is a popular artificial intelligence (AI)-based search engine launched in 2021 that features a truly effective AI search assistant. Why? Because it can simulate human language, generating answers and texts such as essays, summaries, and journalistic notes almost as if they were written by a person.


The platform defines itself as a search engine that makes summaries using the best there is on the Internet in a rigorous and profound way. This means that not only does it allow you to access information, but it does so in a much simpler way. As you can imagine, it represents a great tool for students around the world.


Perplexity AI is an AI for students that has been trained on the OpenAI API (the same one used by ChatGPT) and can create great essays by giving you good answers to each of your questions. The website has an elegant, minimalistic interface that is very easy to use.

Perplexity will amaze you with its ability to converse and provide simple or nuanced answers to write an essay on any topic. It also cites the sources it uses to answer your queries, letting you know where the information comes from.


Jasper is a company that has been in the AI content generation business for some time now and is getting good user acceptance. At the moment, Jasper has a chatbot called Jasper Chat based on GPT 3.5 (among more language models) and having OpenAI as a partner. This tool is a great help to make essays on any topic and save time during the process.

We are talking about an AI that has been created for businesses such as advertising, marketing and others. However, it can be easily used by anyone who wants to enjoy the wonders of Artificial Intelligence. The company claims that Jasper Chat learned from billions of articles and other information by mid-2021 in 29 languages.

Even if it doesn’t include the latest information, it’s great for testing. There is also a resource that allows you to include data from Google, which gives it more power. Note that Jasper Chat itself is free, but the plan to access all features is priced at 59 euros per month.


Article Forge uses AI and deep learning to help students by researching and generating unique results. This tool is built with natural language processing, so it can generate good-quality written documents. As of today, Article Forge is among the best AI essay writers.

You give Article Forge a keyword (and sub-keywords), and this powerful technology will read millions of articles to learn everything about that topic. Your essay will then be written using patented artificial intelligence. It will be plagiarism-free and use your own words created by the AI technology.


Dall-e is an AI tool that can create images from words by drawing on a huge database. Due to its popularity, a flood of weird and wonderful images emerged on the Internet that represent only a small sample of what this artificial intelligence can create.

This release of OpenAI introduced the trend of tools that build images with large databases and from a series of parameters. Dall-e is ideal for students. It manages to merge concepts, attributes and styles to offer you an image according to your demand.


The name comes from a fusion of Wall-E (the famous Disney movie) and the painter Salvador Dalí. This is the name of the company’s creators, who want to reveal the essence of artificial intelligence. However, they have not forgotten that the results have a clear artistic edge.


Chatsonic is one of the newest and most interesting student AIs on this list. This tool, built on top of ChatGPT, inherits its great potential. However, this AI chatbot comes with more features and broader knowledge.

Because Chatsonic can access the Internet to generate results, it can correctly filter information to be less prone to errors. This tool uses AI to remember conversations and relies on them to continue the flow. To top it off, it comes with 16 different characters ranging from an accountant to a poet. So you can choose if you want to chat with different personalities.

Chatsonic also has a built-in image generator that creates results from the prompts you give. Although the application is not free, it gives you 25 free generations every day, either in images or text. Undoubtedly, this amount is enough for students to improve their grades.


In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence has become a part of our daily lives. Students now have access to powerful tools that can improve their learning. These 6 best AI tools for students offer various benefits, from helping with research and essay writing to generating images and providing interactive assistance.

However, it’s important to remember that while these tools can be helpful, they’re not magic solutions. Hard work and preparation are still crucial for academic success.


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