Exponenta is an AI tool that predicts virality

We can tell how viral your text can go before you even publish it.
How it works
Provide us your data
In order to build predictive models, we have to parse data from your website. Provide us an access through API or contact us to help you collect data in the right format.
Exponenta predicts virality
Our R&D team extracted more than 10,000 factors which create virality. We've prioritized them, built their hierarchy and have assembled a unique combination of 200 factors for each parsed media. According to our multiple tests, we forecast virality with 80-85% accuracy.
Enjoy the highest ROI your content can give
Provide Exponenta's insights to the advertisers and maximize the efficiency of your content.
Exponenta is a deep tech AI startup founded by a publisher and a data scientist.

We use innovative algorithms and AI models capable of decoding the complexity of virality.

We've extracted and analyzed 10,000 factors which influence virality, and now Exponenta is able to predict how viral content can go before it is published.
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